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We are pleased to present our newsletter dedicated to LETO compact fully anechoic chamber

To facilitate the Indian user with best and latest information in the EMC industry, Siepel India is planning to have EMC tutorial conducted.

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Shielded Rooms

SIEPEL have been manufacturing high performances modular shielded rooms for over 25 years.
This self standing structure is made of core material covered with galvanized steel sheets. The panels assembly is made without gaskets, inserts or washers and without drilling any hole in the shielding (using Omega profile). The panels and joining OMEGA profiles are kept under pressure by self-tapping screws.
This technology insures the possibility of dismantling / reassembling indefinitely without degradation of performances and avoid any maintenance.

The shielding effectiveness performances meet the requirements of the current standards.

Modular shielded room

SIEPEL shielded rooms are dedicated to various application fields such as sensitive information protection, EMC anechoic chambers RF, antenna measurements chambers, compact ranges, TEMPEST shielded rooms, reverberation chambers, etc…
As a worldwide recognized expert company in manufacturing shielded products SIEPEL does not make any compromise on performances and quality.

Modular Shielded room datasheet 


RF shielded doors

Since the shielded doors are one of the key parts of the shielded enclosure SIEPEL has developed through the years high performances products for long term reliability, such as swing, double or triple leaf, swinging or sliding door. 
They have been tested for 500,000 typical opening cycles.

Feedthrough panel

In order to enter the shielded rooms with coaxial RF cables electric / data / control signals and fibre optics SIEPEL proposes to install rugged and flexible feedthrough panels ensuring high shielding effectiveness performances.
The panels can be fitted with various connectors (N BNC SMA FSMA etc…) tubular filters waveguides (pipe penetrations) in various diameters.


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