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We are pleased to present our newsletter dedicated to LETO compact fully anechoic chamber

To facilitate the Indian user with best and latest information in the EMC industry, Siepel India is planning to have EMC tutorial conducted.

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EMC Amplifiers

SIEPEL India is the exclusive distributor of PRANA broadband amplifiers. The range of products includes more than 60 models all Class A solid-state amplifiers and covers the frequency Range 10 KHz to 6 GHz.

They are dedicated to EMC (radiated immunity and BCI), plasma, electronic warfare, …

PRANA amplifiers can be sold as stand-alone products or included in a turnkey system.
Among outstanding features, PRANA amplifiers offer very high reliability, low level of harmonics (-20 dB for H1) with linear output power (1dB compression).
With very high MTBF, PRANA amplifiers incorporate modular design to enable easy service on site. Power levels go up to 12 kW CW.

For all models, several versions are available : version S: standard, version SC: standard with integrated coupler, version D: with display, digital control, IEEE communication, version DC : D version with integrated coupler and display of instantaneous power.

Upon request, they can be especially tuned to match with specific output power performances.
Most of these amplifiers are upgradeable in power.

PRANA amplifiers are manufactured in France according to ISO 9001 standard.


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